Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gift Card Holder

Here we go. I've got a tutorial on how to make a gift card holder. I've done the trial and error for you! :) Just read, look over the pics, jot down measurements and you'll be turnin' out gift card holders like crazy!

In this first picture you can see one finished holder with a card in it! You can also see that I started with a 5x5" square piece of card stock.

Then I scored one side at 1 3/4" (I use my stylus to score right on my paper cutter, after rubbing a piece of wax paper on my card stock for smooth scoring!)

Then I turned it so the scored line is toward the bottom of my cutter.

My paper cutter also has measurements up 3/4" on the other side of the blade. Conveniently, I am using 3/4" as my next measurement. I scored from the bottom up to the line I already scored. Then I cut from the top down to my scored line.

I flip it and do the other side (scoring from top down, cutting from bottom up now that it's flipped).
So, I now have this:

I cut at an angle between the scored lines at each corner, like so:

And also cut the corner at the bottom so you have tabs. You end up with this:

At this point I put mine in the Big Shot with the Northern Flurries Embossing folder. I cut a piece of Whisper White card stock 3"x3 1/4". You can stamp whatever you'd like on this piece. The one pictured at the top has "Just For You" and a snowflake. The one at the bottom is embellished with a ribbon and has no words on it. I rounded my corners then adhered this white piece to the almost-square part of the scored, tabbed piece. (I forgot to take a picture of this, so I pulled it back apart, hence the tears on the tabs! Oops)

Next, I folded the tabs in and put adhesive on the tabs as shown in the next picture.

Then with the tabs folded in, you fold up on the other, longer scored line, press, and voila! a gift card holder.

This is SUPER quick and easy. After having nailed down the measurements, I can make one in about 2 minutes! A gift card is an "easy" gift and this is an easy presentation for it, but they'll never know that because it's so cute!

Thanks for clicking over to my blog today! Please let me know if anything is unclear for if you have further questions!

(PS - sorry about the 2 pictures that won't enlarge. You can pretty much see what you need to in the small version.)

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