Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clear Mounts

I wanted to talk about clear mount sets because I love them! Clear mounts are sets that come just the same as Stampin' Up!'s other sets except without wood blocks and the case is the size of a DVD case.
You can buy clear mount block from SU! or find them at a craft store. I recommend finding blocks with lines as that help assure straight alignment (such as for the "Have a sweet celebration!" line). For letter stamps the clear mount method is perfect, as you know exactly where your letter will end up!
The images adhere to the block and are secure for stamping. Then you peel it off again! If you're image isn't staying try a little moisture (lick your finger, or use a drop of water) on the back of the rubber piece. All sets come with stickers of the images you can put on the backs of each image/rubber piece. (As you would put on the tops of a wood block.) I chose not to use mine, as it is nearly impossible to put the sticker on to exactly align/match up with the image on the front. I just know I would then be inclined to place it according to the sticker because that's what I see and the image would likely turn out crooked. PLUS I think they adhere better without the sticker on the back. You can always try it without and put them on later. Or try them with and peel them off later!

Here is a picture of what the clear mounts look like - from the front putting it on the block and the back as when you stamp it.

The next picture depicts how a lined block helps you align it on the block itself. And below that how it helps align it on your project so that it's straight or as straight as possible!

Pictured below, assuming your word does not repeat letters, the clear mounts allow you to make an entire word at once instead of letter by letter as you would with wood blocks.

To show even more versatility: I made this "straight" sentiment (see above) "curvy!"

I may try my hand at posting a video using the clear mounts in the future! I don't think I'm actually supposed to post videos or even pictures :) of these until they are out in May. But I really wanted to show you the clear mounts and I did not get any from the Occasions catalog! So, come back next month to find a video of it!

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